5 Ways to Plan the Perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Soon your best friend will tie the knot and begin married life. You couldn’t wish for anything better for him or her. What better way to show your approval than planning the greatest bachelor/bachelorette party ever?

Whether your friend is up for something goofy and fun or racy and raucous, let his or her preferences guide you. This gathering should be a time to let loose and unwind before the wedding day stress and jitters set in.

Below, you’ll find five keys strategies for planning the ideal pre-wedding party. Follow these tips to create a night that everyone can enjoy, especially the bride/groom-to-be!

1. Let the Party Mirror the VIP

If your dear friend is up for anything, feel free to book that sexy venue. But if your pal is on the shy side, you need to proceed a little more carefully. It’s a good idea to brainstorm with your VIP before the planning begins. This interview lets you get a basic idea of what would please your friend the most.

Ask him or her for at least three preferred venues or activities and a list of his or her closest friends. Then proceed with the planning and feel free to surprise your friend with a night to remember. If you choose from his or her given preferences, you’ll have a recipe for success!

2. Keep a Sensible Guest List and Budget

The best bachelor/bachelorette parties range between 10-20 people. This number creates a more intimate setting where you can all enjoy each other’s company. The low number also keeps the budget in a sensible range.

Each guest should be willing to contribute some money to pay for the evening’s festivities along with the price for the VIP. Additionally, realize that the most fun will come from good memories made, not how much you spent.

Invitations should reflect the formality level of the party itself. If you just meet at the local bar for drinks and jokes, a phone call may suffice. If you decide to do something more upscale, the invitations should look fancier. No matter what, the evening should reflect your VIP’s style and tastes.

3. Plan with Care

Don’t fall prey to planning the mythical night-before-the-wedding party. This date just leaves the bride or groom tired and hung over on his or her big day. Instead, pick a date preferably a week or two before the wedding when your friend’s most important guests can come. Then notify people about three to four weeks in advance.

Next, book a suitable venue. The “venue” could include several locations, but remember to keep the night simple. You don’t want tostress about a half dozen planned activities when you could just enjoy one or two.

Here are some activities to consider:

  • Spa day
  • Bar hopping
  • Dining out
  • Rock concert
  • Bowling
  • Sporting event
  • Casino night
  • Camping trip
  • Boxing match

All of these activities work for bachelor or bachelorette parties. Just make sure to get some ideas from your VIP before deciding what to do. Remember, this night is about him or her. Do whatever you can to help him or her have fun.

4. Book Reliable Transportation

One thing many party planners fail to remember is the simple need for transportation. During the party, you will move between several different venues and pick up or drop off guests. You need a way to get around.

Impress with a luxury limousine or limo bus. Most limousine companies offer party packages that include unlimited stops, TV, Internet, and a full bar. Booking a limousine represents one of the best ways to make your party a smashing hit. This transportation option also helps keep everyone together and ensures a safe trip home.

5. Finish off with Gifts

Don’t forget the gifts! Some parties call for silliness and gag gifts, while others work well with something nice for the VIP. Whatever the tone of your evening, gifts always add to the fun. Choose your gift and follow the steps above to create the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party for your best friend.

Top Wedding Venues in Virginia

You have the ring, the groom, the maid of honor, and the best man. After months of shopping and fittings, you finally have that gorgeous dress you’ve always wanted. You also have an entire Pinterest board detailing every aspect of your wedding, from the cake to the invitations to the songs.

But have you thought about your location?

Your venue serves as a backdrop for your wedding. With the right location, you can transform your wedding from a fanciful fairyland to a trendy beach oasis.

When you live in a state like Virginia, you have the freedom to choose almost any backdrop for your wedding: beaches, state parks, and colonial homes. When you hire that limo for your big day, tell your chauffeur to drive you to any of these breathtaking venues.

Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

As its name suggests, the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront sits along the beach. It boasts a wide range of spaces so it can accommodate more intimate events as well as weddings with up to 500 guests. Its Peacock Ballroom spans 7,100 sq. ft. and opens right onto the oceanfront. Looking for fine dining? The hotel also stands near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

Check out the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront’s wedding packages, as these include personal attendants for the bride and groom and white glove dinner service.

Founders Inn and Spa

From Regent’s Divinity Chapel to Colonial English gardens, Founders Inn and Spa offers gorgeous options for weddings. Their award-winning culinary team handles every last detail to ensure your big day goes as smoothly and beautifully as possible. The wedding packages include Swedish massages at the Flowering Almond Spa for bride and groom, as well as discounts for the bridal party and groomsmen.

If you need a restaurant for your dinner rehearsal, tell your driver to take you to the Swan Terrace Grill at the Inn.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

The Norfolk Botanical Garden has professional coordinators to help you and your guests have an exciting and one-of-a-kind wedding. Choose your location from a variety of indoor and outdoor options:

  • The Bicentennial Rose Garden
  • The Bristow Butterfly Garden
  • The Renaissance Court
  • The Garden Cafe

The staff can also discuss other options if you decide on an outdoor location and the weather doesn’t cooperate. The Garden sits close to the Norfolk International Airport and many hotels, making it accessible to guests visiting from out of state.

First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park creates a natural oasis-the ideal setting for an intimate beach or maritime forest wedding. Have your special day on the Chesapeake Bay shoreline or at the Trail Center surrounded by bald Cypress trees, Spanish moss, and marsh. As you step out of your limo and into paradise, breathe in the crisp ocean air as you say “I do.”

The state park also offers plenty of camping, hiking, and even kayaking–perfect opportunities for the bridal party and the groomsmen.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg boasts opportunities and accommodations for every aspect of your wedding. The bridal party can enjoy the Spa with facials, hot stone massages, and yoga. Meanwhile the groomsmen can enjoy golf, bourbon, and cigars at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club.

As you relax, the chefs design an eye-catching and mouthwatering menu for your entire event, covering the cocktail party to your custom-made wedding cake. The ceremony can then take place at the Virginia Lawn, the Williamsburg Lodge, or the Fountain Garden.

Enjoy Your Wedding

These are but a few choice venues in Virginia, so do some more research into these locations before settling on your location. You never know what surprises you might find when you drive just around the corner.

A Savvy Bride’s Guide to Wedding Transportation

You’ve thought about your big day so many times.

You can picture your wedding party, dressed to the nines, as they enter your wedding venue. You already know your mom will cry.  After all, you’re getting married!

As you and your fiancé discuss all the details, you decide to leave the lodging and travel arrangements to him while you take care of flowers, music, and wedding transportation. But do you really know how to choose the right wedding limo?

No worries-with a little help from this short and savvy guide, you’ll be ready for a glamorous entrance before the wedding and a sentimental send-off afterwards.

Step 1: Ask Good Questions

Before you choose a great wedding transportation package, write down a few key questions to ask the limousine company. Here area few examples:

  • How new (or old) are the limos in your fleet?
  • Do you offer wedding discounts or package deals?
  • Are tips extra, or are they included in the price?
  • What are your cancellation policies?
  • Do you include luxury touches like flat screen TVs or champagne in the limo?
  • How experienced are your drivers?
  • Do drivers wear company uniforms or tuxedos?

You’ll also have your own questions depending on your wedding’s situation. Don’t be shy-your limousine provider is prepared with the answers you need. In fact, your limo company can bring up other issues you may not have considered before. Talk to a company representative early on so you know what to expect before you book.

Step 2: Pick Your Package

If you already know how many will be in your wedding party, you’re ahead of the game. The next step involves planning your budget and pick a transportation package that works for everyone.

Remember that the sooner you start shopping for a wedding limo, the better off you’ll be. No one wants to settle for the bottom end of the limo fleet on such an important occasion. Look at your options as many months in advance as you can. That way, you’ll have your pick.

Most wedding transportation packages can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars (for several hours of service) to the thousands for an exotic limo-SUV. Six-person limos cost less and feel more intimate. It all depends on what you envision for your wedding day and the comfort of all those in the wedding party.

Stretch limousines can usually accommodate a dozen or so persons. That said, space may require you and your bridesmaids to travel in one limousine and your groom-to-be and groomsmen to travel in another.

No matter your arrangement though, pick your package early.

Step 3: Factor the Flow

Even if you know what size of limo (or limos) you need, you should spend some time mapping out which car will travel where. Will you and your bridesmaids gather together in one spot to travel to the wedding venue? Will they drive themselves part way and meet the limo along the route? And what about the final farewell as the happy couple drives away?

Create a flow chart or a series of maps so you can determine how things should work before the actual wedding. No one wants to get lost on the way to the wedding or reception, so spell it all out for yourself, your wedding party, and the driver (or drivers). That way, you leave nothing to chance.

Step 4: Allow Adequate Time

One final factor to wedding transportation success is timing. Your day won’t feel as special if you get in the limo and head to the church-only to get stuck in rush-hour traffic or in a construction zone. If you need to, consult your municipal planner or city council for information on closed roads, special event traffic, or similar scenarios.

Pay attention to road conditions at certain times of year as well. A winter wedding can be romantic, but you’ll need extra time on slick roads. Include all of these factors in when you book the actual use times for your wedding vehicles.

By following these steps, you’re well on your way to being the happiest-and savviest-bride in town. Best wishes for a fabulous wedding journey!

7 Reasons to Rent a Limo

Nothing says luxury like a limo. Having a trained chauffeur drive you from place to place allows you to experience leisure in an entirely new way. Listed below are some of the most common reasons people rent limousines.

1. Prom

Prom is one of the most common times people rent this type of transport. For some, it seems like the whole of their high school career builds up to prom. For these people, prom is more than an end-of-year dance. It represents the end of an age and the last hurrah of high school. So to make this moment as memorable as possible, many students rent a limousine.

Young love, good friends, and bright futures make this ride feel like a magical experience. Couple these feelings with the luxury and the elegance of the limo itself, and these students create an experience they’ll never forget.

2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Many people spend the night before their wedding day celebrating with a night on the town. If you host of a bachelor or bachelorette party, choosing a limo is the only way to go. Whether you hop from nightclub to nightclub or from bar to bar, cruising in the comfort of a limo can keep you entertained on the way to your destination and make sure you get home safely on the way back.

For larger parties, you may want to consider renting a limo bus.

3. Wedding

After the bachelor/bachelorette, party comes the real reason to rent a limousine: the wedding. For this occasion, many limo companies not only offer the traditional stretch limo, but they also offer a wide variety of sedans and other vintage cars. Consider securing a vintage car to add a touch of class to your wedding.

Since each transport service operates different vehicles in their fleet, call around to find the right car for your special day.

4. Anniversary

You should always make your anniversary a special event. Selecting a nice restaurant, a sweet-smelling bouquet, and the perfect gift represents only part of making the evening a special one. Commemorate your first or your fiftieth wedding anniversary the same way you did on your wedding day. Renting a limo can make your loved one feel as they did on the day you married them.

If you started your married life driving away in a limo, why not make it a tradition on your anniversary?

5. Business Trip

Dances and weddings are not the only reason to rent luxury transport. You can use limousine services to impress visiting business professionals and VIPs. Whether you want to give the CEO of another company a good impression or if you want to recruit new talent, treat the people visiting your company to a classy ride while they visit your facility.

The additional seating in limousines makes it easy for you to chauffeur multiple people in comfort.

6. Trips to the Airport

If you travel, whether for business or pleasure, why not begin your trip in style? Traveling to and from the airport can frustrate even the most patient driver. By taking a limo to the airport, you can avoid the annoyance of navigating the airport terminal traffic and save money on long-term parking. Most limousine services have a variety of sedans that will pick you up and drop you off.

7. Funerals

Some people also use this type of transport to celebrate a life that has passed on. Many people use limos to ferry grieving family members to cemeteries to help them pay their respects properly.

Whether you’re celebrating a special night, spending time with a VIP, or remembering loved ones, you can enjoy a limo service for just about any reason. When you want to travel in luxury and style, make sure to contact a quality transportation service in your area.

6 Steps to Plan the Perfect Prom

With prom season fast approaching, it pays to plan ahead. While many teenagers dream about the perfect prom night, they may not think about the details in the planning process. If you wait too late to arrange dinner or limo reservations, your night could go from fantasy to fiasco.

Start planning your prom night now to make sure that you and your parents end up being happy with your prom experience.

1. Determine Your Budget

Before you get started, you ought to determine a realistic budget for your prom night. You may discover that you what you envision may cost more than you can afford. Make a list of the items you’ll have to pay for, including:

  • Boutonniere for your date
  • Dinner reservations
  • Dress
  • Hair appointment
  • Jewelry
  • Limo
  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Prom tickets
  • Shoes

This is a good time to decide which items are most important to you. Maybe you want to have a professional do your hair in a salon, but you can do your nails yourself.

2. Start Shopping For Your Dress Early

Department stores usually put dresses on sale right after New Year’s Eve, even full-length formal gowns. You can usually find a deal if you start shopping early and wait patiently to find a dress that flatters your figure and fits in your budget. You can also shop at consignment stores for used dresses that have only been worn once.

3. Choose the Right Shoes

You want your shoes to match your dress, but they don’t have to be exactly the same color. You can have white shoes dyed to match your dress color, or you can choose neutral colors. Nude, black, or metallic heels go well with any dress color.

Be sure to break in your shoes before the big night. Wear them around the house so they don’t cause blisters or slip off when you’re dancing. You can also bring backup flats just in case you don’t think your heels will last the whole night.

4. Book Your Limo a Few Months in Advance

This is especially important if you live in a small town. High schools tend to schedule dances within a few weekends of each other, so that means limo services can run out of available cars if you don’t plan ahead. And, if you think ahead of the others, you may even be able to get a better deal. If you wait until the last minute, you risk not getting a limo for your big night.

5. Form a Group

Whether you go to prom with friends or you bring a date, it’s always more fun to go as a group. You’ll be able to split the cost of a limo and reserve a table at a restaurant more easily. Since you should book your limo early, you should also start talking to your friends about their prom plans about that time. You can form a Facebook group to coordinate schedules. Six to ten people generally fill a limo and work well with dinner reservations.

6. Discuss Your Plans with Your Parents

Once you’ve gotten a firm “yes” from your friends about your prom plans, you should make sure your parents are on board. Go over details with them so they feel comfortable with everything. It’s best to ask permission a few weeks before prom so you can make any adjustments.

If your parents aren’t happy with your plans, include them in the process. Ask them to take pictures before you leave or ask for their recommendation of restaurants. And make sure that they meet your date and other members of your group before you head out for the night.

Get Started

Are you ready for the perfect prom? Start planning today to have the night of your life.