5 Ways to Plan the Perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Soon your best friend will tie the knot and begin married life. You couldn’t wish for anything better for him or her. What better way to show your approval than planning the greatest bachelor/bachelorette party ever?

Whether your friend is up for something goofy and fun or racy and raucous, let his or her preferences guide you. This gathering should be a time to let loose and unwind before the wedding day stress and jitters set in.

Below, you’ll find five keys strategies for planning the ideal pre-wedding party. Follow these tips to create a night that everyone can enjoy, especially the bride/groom-to-be!

1. Let the Party Mirror the VIP

If your dear friend is up for anything, feel free to book that sexy venue. But if your pal is on the shy side, you need to proceed a little more carefully. It’s a good idea to brainstorm with your VIP before the planning begins. This interview lets you get a basic idea of what would please your friend the most.

Ask him or her for at least three preferred venues or activities and a list of his or her closest friends. Then proceed with the planning and feel free to surprise your friend with a night to remember. If you choose from his or her given preferences, you’ll have a recipe for success!

2. Keep a Sensible Guest List and Budget

The best bachelor/bachelorette parties range between 10-20 people. This number creates a more intimate setting where you can all enjoy each other’s company. The low number also keeps the budget in a sensible range.

Each guest should be willing to contribute some money to pay for the evening’s festivities along with the price for the VIP. Additionally, realize that the most fun will come from good memories made, not how much you spent.

Invitations should reflect the formality level of the party itself. If you just meet at the local bar for drinks and jokes, a phone call may suffice. If you decide to do something more upscale, the invitations should look fancier. No matter what, the evening should reflect your VIP’s style and tastes.

3. Plan with Care

Don’t fall prey to planning the mythical night-before-the-wedding party. This date just leaves the bride or groom tired and hung over on his or her big day. Instead, pick a date preferably a week or two before the wedding when your friend’s most important guests can come. Then notify people about three to four weeks in advance.

Next, book a suitable venue. The “venue” could include several locations, but remember to keep the night simple. You don’t want tostress about a half dozen planned activities when you could just enjoy one or two.

Here are some activities to consider:

  • Spa day
  • Bar hopping
  • Dining out
  • Rock concert
  • Bowling
  • Sporting event
  • Casino night
  • Camping trip
  • Boxing match

All of these activities work for bachelor or bachelorette parties. Just make sure to get some ideas from your VIP before deciding what to do. Remember, this night is about him or her. Do whatever you can to help him or her have fun.

4. Book Reliable Transportation

One thing many party planners fail to remember is the simple need for transportation. During the party, you will move between several different venues and pick up or drop off guests. You need a way to get around.

Impress with a luxury limousine or limo bus. Most limousine companies offer party packages that include unlimited stops, TV, Internet, and a full bar. Booking a limousine represents one of the best ways to make your party a smashing hit. This transportation option also helps keep everyone together and ensures a safe trip home.

5. Finish off with Gifts

Don’t forget the gifts! Some parties call for silliness and gag gifts, while others work well with something nice for the VIP. Whatever the tone of your evening, gifts always add to the fun. Choose your gift and follow the steps above to create the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party for your best friend.